Comprehensive Lead Scoring

Keep Your Sales Team Focused on Top Opportunities

Instantly identify and engage top prospects with confidence.

Our real-time, global lead validation services ensures that every consumer and business lead is genuine, accurate and up-to-date while providing an actionable lead quality score from zero to 100.

Lead accuracy means greater confidence.

The higher the real-time quality score, the more confidence your team has in the lead’s identity accuracy. Better accuracy translates to improved contact rates, conversions and maximized ROI.

Five Contact Data Points. One Score.

Our validation services focus on five key data points: name, address, phone, email and IP address. The services verify and correct the lead’s accuracy, while:

  • Identifying and appending corrections to contact identity information
  • Providing additional insights into your leads
  • Highlighting high-risk and fraudulent entries
  • Returning a comprehensive lead quality score

Customize Lead Quality Scoring Criteria to Meet Your Needs

Lead generation efforts come in all shapes and sizes, from domestic B2C to global B2B leads. One lead quality score does not fit all needs.

Our lead validation services enable you to appropriately weight the data elements that are most meaningful to your business, creating a customized lead quality score that is specific to your needs.

  • One element is not displayed on the frontend because the extension is not validated.
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Lead Scoring Made Simple

Service Objects offers easy to integrate, real-time APIs to validate and score US, Canada and International leads.

Lead Validation
US and Canada

Instantly corrects and scores leads to help your business quickly and accurately identify quality leads for US and Canada.

Works with leading CRM and marketing automation platforms.

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Lead Validation

Real-time global service performs multi-point verification and correction of your leads while assigning an overall quality score.

Works with leading CRM and marketing automation platforms.

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