Lost Deliveries Equals Lost Revenues

Poor delivery accuracy is hurting the bottom line.

Whether you are mailing expensive, glossy, multi-page catalogs or delivering a refrigerator, bad mailing addresses cost you time, money and resources.

According to the United States Postal Service (USPS), in 2014 over 6.6 billion pieces of mail were Undeliverable as Addressed (UAA), costing the mailing industry over $20 billion. In addition, over 40 million Americans change their mailing address every year. Mail often cannot be delivered because it is illegible, incomplete or incorrect, and this undelivered mail is generally forwarded, returned or treated as waste.

Customers with the best intentions make mistakes entering their contact information. Something as simple as transposing numbers in their ZIP code or a typo in their street name can lead to costly mis-shipped items, customer support intervention and lost revenue.

Service Objects can help!

Our DOTS address web services offer multiple ways to validate and correct global mailing addresses, append critical and demographic information, update change of addresses, and significantly increase the deliverability of your mailing lists. Check out we how can help your business start verifying, correcting, and appending address information to your contact data records below:

  • DOTS Address Validation US

    Improve the efficiency of your mailings as well as improve customer satisfaction. DOTS Address Validation is USPS CASS Certified® and instantly validates, parses, corrects and appends contact address data; includes locational meta-data and the option for Delivery Point Validation (DPV) operation.

  • DOTS Address Validation - Canada

    Ensures that your Canadian letters, direct mailers, and packages arrive promptly. DOTS Address Validation - Canada enables companies to verify, fix and standardize Canadian street addresses to French or English language. Covers more than 14 million addresses in all 13 provinces and territories.

  • DOTS Address Validation - International

    Improve the efficiency of your global mailings as well as improve overall customer satisfaction. DOTS Address Validation – International instantly verifies and corrects international mailing addresses to the unique requirements of over 250 country postal address formats and cultural idiosyncrasies.

  • DOTS NCOA Live

    Gain a competitive advantage by keeping your business’ mailing lists accurate and up-to-date, even when customers fail to notify you of any change of address. DOTS NCOA Live accesses a database of approximately 50 million permanent change-of-address records from the USPS® NCOALink data.

  • DOTS Address Detective

    Say goodbye to incomplete address records lurking in your database. Append missing information that is required for contact validation and USPS® address verification. Our real-time fuzzy address matching fills in incomplete data and offers a confidence score.

  • DOTS Address Geocode

    Use address geocoding to identify physical locations of leads to better target your marketing and sales efforts. DOTS GeoPhone translates addresses into exact latitude-longitude coordinates with property-level match rate accuracy up to 99.8%.

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