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Instant Access to 24 Data Validation APIs

Ensure you have the most accurate and up-to-date data for your business needs

Our real-time, Data On-Time Solutions (DOTS) ensure your data is genuine, accurate and up-to-date to help you make better business decisions. Learn more about our validation products below. Sign up for a FREE API Trial Key and start testing up to 500 transactions per product.

Address & Geocoding

Our address and geocoding solutions correct and enhance your address data in real time to improve direct mail, shipping, billing and customer service.

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Lead Validation

Our lead validation solutions enhance, standardize, correct and score contact records to save time, fight fraud, reduce paper waste and target market your audiences for increase lead conversion for improved ROI. Learn More


Our phone validation solutions, including reverse-lookup, will append, score and verify phone and user information to improve conversion and contact rates and increase productivity.

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Our email validation service verifies, corrects and appends email addresses in real-time to help increase deliverability and open rates and protect your sender reputation.

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Our ecommerce solutions help fight credit card fraud, enable localized marketing and ensure that you are charging the correct sales and use tax rates.

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Demographics & More

Our demographic web services provide instant access to the latest US Census while our IP validation service enables better targeting and helps with fraud prevention.

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