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Real-time API provides advanced geocoding for international addresses
Accurate latitude and longitude to roof-top level precision
16 levels of resolution for greater accuracy

DOTS Address Geocode - International is our real-time geocoding API that translates any global address to latitude and longitude coordinates. The service works with the data points you have and returns geo-coordinates with clear resolution levels. The service is capable of following conventions for each country’s postal system for parsing and storing addresses and returns 16 levels of precision based on available data.

Global addresses will also return the locality, admin area, postcode, country and country ISO2 and ISO3. For US addresses, the results will include census tract, state and county FIPS, congress code and time zone. Address Geocode also outputs a URL that can be used with popular mapping tools for quick and easy mapping.

This service uses a dynamic interface that allows us to provide for expanded future capabilities while preserving existing implementations.

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How Address Geocode - International Works

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Request URL Project&Address2=1 Thorp Road&Locality=Manchester&PostalCode=m40 5bj&Country=Great Britain&LicenseKey=[YOURKEY] Project&Address2=1 Thorp Road&Locality=Manchester&PostalCode=m40 5bj&Country=Great Britain&LicenseKey=[YOURKEY]

Real-Time API Responses

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For Developers

Our services are built API-first with a focus on data quality and ease of integration.
We support REST, SOAP, GET and POST requests over HTTP/S outputting in XML and JSON formats.

Our API web services are compatible with all major programming languages and we have over 200 pieces of sample code (both snippets and full solutions) available to help with your integration.

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Features and Benefits

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  • Appends latitude/longitude coordinates using multiple data sources
  • Works with the location data you have and returns geocoordinates
  • 16 clear resolution levels provide greater accuracy
  • Clear messaging highlights the results and levels of accuracy
  • URL provided for integration with popular mapping tools, like Google Maps and MapQuest
  • Option to return ‘best match’ or all possible matches
  • Returns locality, administrative area, postcode and country
  • US addresses include latitude-longitude coordinates with latest census tract, county codes (FIPS) and block codes
  • Supports single address and multi-line addresses
  • Cross-references multiple authoritative data sources for greater accuracy
  • Precise location data provides your business with enhanced analytic abilities
  • Enables point-to-point distance calculations

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