Address & Geocoding

Stamp out bad address data

Trim paper waste, increase deliverability and maximize postal discounts with high quality address validation and geocoding data. Service Objects’ cloud-based address web services enhance your data in real time to improve direct mail, shipping, billing and customer service.

DOTS Address Validation - US 3

Get USPS® certified data to instantly validate, parse, correct and append contact address data; includes locational meta-data and the option for Delivery Point Validation (DPV) operation.

DOTS Address Validation - International

Verify and correct international mailing addresses to the unique requirements of over 250 country postal address formats and cultural idiosyncrasies.

DOTS Address Geocode - US

Access the exact latitude, longitude, block, tract, county and other information from your street address data.

DOTS Address Validation Plus

Verify your address records down to the demographics level with the multi-service API. This web service validates and parses addresses, provides delivery point validation (DPV), and appends ZIP+4, barcoding, lat/long, geocoding and demographic data.

DOTS Address Detective

Say goodbye to incomplete address records lurking in your database! Append missing information that is required for contact validation and USPS® address verification. Real-time fuzzy address matching fills in incomplete data and offers a confidence score.


Keep your contact mailing list accurate and up-to-date with data from the USPS® National Change-of-Address database (NCOALink).

DOTS Address Geocode - Canada

Find latitude and longitude coordinates for any Canadian standardized address. This address geocoding service combines Canadian Statistics line files and Canada Post addresses.

DOTS Address Validation - Canada 2

DOTS Address Validation - Canada 2 enables companies to verify, fix and standardize Canada street addresses to French or English language. Covers more than 14 million addresses over 13 provinces and territories.

DOTS Address Detective - International

Instantly correct and append your contact records' country by leveraging hundreds of authoritative data sources, and cross-comparing name, address, phone, email and IP address.

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