Address Validation, Geocoding and Change of Address

Our real-time APIs ensure that your addresses and locations are correct, allowing you to reduce resources and paper waste, increase deliverability and customer satisfaction while maximizing postal discounts.

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Address Validation

Our CASS-certified, address validation APIs provide coverage for over 240 countries and instantly correct, verify and append mailing addresses for increased deliverability, cost-saving postal discounts and improved customer satisfaction.

Address Geocode

Our geocoding APIs translate addresses into exact longitude and latitude coordinates using cascading logic to achieve a 99.8% match rate accuracy. The US service also supports reverse geocoding longitude and latitude to determine mailing addresses.
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Address Insight

Address Insight combines the power of three of our leading services, address validation, geocoding for longitude and latitude, and appending regional demographics, all with a single API call, providing a comprehensive customer profile.
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Address Detective

Address Detective uses fuzzy logic & additional data points to solve and fix fatal addressing errors that standard address validation cannot. This service includes our CASS-certified address validation service for US addresses and country append logic for international addresses.
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Our USPS-approved change-of-address API helps maintain up-to-date mailing addresses and meets the NCOALink requirements for postal discounts. The service returns change of addresses for both residential and businesses.
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