Service Objects Expands Contact Validation Solutions with Addition of International Address Validation

New offering allows organizations to instantly verify, correct and/or append address information to contact records from over 250 countries, dependent areas and territories.

SANTA BARBARA, CA, (August 16, 2016) – Service Objects, the leading provider of real-time contact validation solutions, today announced the release of DOTS Address Validation – International℠, a real-time (API) International Address Validation service that instantly verifies, corrects and/or appends international address information to contact records from over 250 countries, dependent areas and territories. The service can be tested with a complimentary trial key that allows validating up to 500 transactions.

Featuring response times as fast as 200 milliseconds and match accuracy rates up to 99.5%, DOTS Address Validation - International verifies and corrects international mailing addresses to the unique requirements of each country’s postal address formats and cultural idiosyncrasies. Over 25,000 alternate country names and variations in different languages as well as ISO country codes are supported as inputs to validate addresses.

Using fuzzy matching logic, DOTS Address Validation – International provides exceptional match and correction rates with difficult and alternative names. For example:

  • Standardizes city/locality names and sub-named areas such as Rio, Rio de Janeiro, Município do Rio de Janeiro, Guanabara Bay.
  • Supports most country-specific encoding systems, such as Cyrillic (Russia), Greek, half-width Katakana (Japan), and many more.
  • Standardizes over 280 variations for the United Kingdom, such as: England, British Isles, Karalyste, Birtaniya, United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, and 英国 (Chinese for United Kingdom).

“Our goal is to ensure that every contact record in every database is as accurate, genuine and up to date as it can possibly be.” said Geoff Grow, Founder and CEO of Service Objects. “Our new international address verification service allows businesses to instantly verify and correct addresses in over 250 countries. We’ve added over a billion new locations to our database, so our customers can improve their delivery rate for global mailings and weed-out bad addresses potentially associated with fraud.”

About Service Objects
Founded in 2001, Service Objects is the leading provider of contact due diligence solutions, validating online transactions in real-time, including contact name, address, phone, email and device. Using Service Objects’ global validation and location web services, businesses can identify potentially fraudulent contact records, transactions, append additional contact information, and process transactions in a more efficient manner. Service Objects has validated nearly 2.5 billion contacts, and major brands such as American Express, LendingTree, and Amazon rely on Service Objects for their data validation needs. For more information about Service Objects’ real-time web services, contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .