DOTS and Microsoft CRM 2011

Increase the value of your Microsoft CRM contact data with validation and enhancement services

DOTS Web Services can clean or append your Microsoft CRM contact data through real-time XML-based services. With the power of our validation Web Services, your contact data stays fresh over time.

Design Reference

Validated data can reduce costs and save time.
Your CRM system houses thousands of contacts. Are they up to date? Have people moved? Was there data entered correctly? In just 200ms per transaction you can know all this and more. With a validated CRM database you can send out mail, email and even use geolocation services to your advantage to save time and money.

Design DOTS Web Services into your CRM 2011
If you are using the Microsoft CRM 2011 and have a database that needs to be validated or enhanced, the integration of our DOTS Web Services can achieve these goals with the highest level of accuracy. Addresses, phone numbers, geolocations and more can all be accessed in real-time with a web call.

Fact: Over 42 million people move each year. With our DOTS NCOA Live product you can keep up with them even after they have moved

Sample Code

The following sample code is available to integrate Microsoft CRM 2011 data with DOTS Address Validation 2.

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System Requirements

To simplify interacting with Microsoft CRM 2011 we recommend using the Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 SDK. The SDK provides proxy classes which simplify authentication, message, and error handling. In addition, the SDK includes Sample Code for different tasks and procedures covered in several languages ("C #, JS, VB"). Use of the SDK also requires installation of the Microsoft Identity Foundation library. This guide makes use of the SDK and its sample projects to demonstrate how to connect to a CRM 2011 instance to enhance contact data.

Download Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 SDK:

Download Microsoft Identity Foundation Library: