The Customer:

DOTS Address Validation API ensures that Nomorerack's customers receive their packages quickly and without delays.

The Challenge

According to Nomorerack's VP of Finance, Rohit Lalwani, the company grew by about five times in the past year.

This growth magnified a problem that many companies experience: shipping problems associated with incomplete or incorrect shipping addresses.

Typos, honest mistakes, and the occasional fraudulent order all contributed to Nomorerack's shipping problems. When an address is incorrect, the inevitable happens: the package does not arrive as expected, resulting in an unhappy customer and additional costs that must either be absorbed by the company or passed on to the customer. Nomorerack opted to absorb those costs.

The Solution

Nomorerack turned to DOTS Address Validation - US. DOTS Address Validation is an address verification API that automatically verifies the validity of an address as well as corrects and appends address information to contact data records. This address validation API compares an entered address to data from the US Postal Service and then corrects and appends it in real-time -- all at the point of entry.

For example, if a customer intends to type "San Francisco" but accidentally types "San Diego" into an order form, DOTS Address Validation catches the mistake. It does this by comparing the entire address block to US Postal Service data and appending the correct city to the form. DOTS Address Validation also standardizes street names and ZIP codes, corrects typos, and includes DPV (delivery point validation) flags for addresses that are vacant or may not be able to accept packages.


By implementing DOTS Address Validation API into its eCommerce system, is now able to verify shipping addresses automatically. As a result, the company no longer ships items to incorrect or undeliverable addresses. This has also increased our suppliers’ accuracy when shipping directly to our customers.

The elimination of bad addresses translates into more timely deliveries, fewer returns, reduced shipping costs, improved profits, and happier customers. The company also realized an unexpected benefit after implementing DOTS Address Validation: Numerous fraudulent orders were thwarted.

Client Feedback

"The most important thing for us is customer satisfaction. We understand that our customers anxiously await delivery of their products and that any shipping delay erodes customer satisfaction. While in theory we could manually confirm each address before shipping a product, in reality that doesn't happen. With the volume of transactions that we process, we need strong technology in place to automate the address validation process. DOTS Address Validation eliminates shipping delays due to typos or honest mistakes, and it does so automatically."

About The Customer

Core Business: Online Retail
Founded: 2011
Homebase: New York, NY
Service Used: DOTS Address Validation is a thriving eCommerce platform that has experienced rapid growth in the last few years. Notable for its authentic, name-brand merchandise priced at 50 to 80 percent off retail, scours manufacturers' closeouts, overruns and overstocks, and cancelled orders to find steep discounts on the hottest products. The team works directly with factories, designers, and brands to ensure the authenticity of the products it sells and then passes on huge savings to its customers.

In addition to offering fantastic deals on popular products and brands, also ships each item for an unheard of flat rate of just $2 per product. Popular products, steep discounts, and cheap shipping along with innovative social media elements such as its Share & Earn program have contributed to the site's phenomenal growth.

For more insight, email Rohit Lalwani at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or visit